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A Little Aubrey Texas History

Aubrey is a city in Denton County, Texas. In 1847 the community was named Onega, and the Cherokee people were the main inhabitants. Aubrey, the town, was officially founded 1867, when Civil War veteran Lemuel Noah Edwards (1838–1910) built the second frame house there. Edwards eventually gave each of his 10 children a lot on which to build a home. The Edwards family was instrumental in several civil developments. Dancing was not allowed, but the townspeople often gathered in the Edwards home for singing and listening music performed on an organ that Edwards had imported.
In 1885, Edwards offered a lot to each congregation that would build a church within a year. In 1882 Edwards and Louis Caddel, Sr., donated land for a one-room schoolhouse in town. Edwards, through one of his daughters — Edna Mae Edwards (1884–1975), who married Hugh Tobin (1884–1929) — was the grandfather of Louise Tobin, a prolific big band jazz vocalist who reached national notoriety in 1932.
Eventually, Aubrey became known for the peanut farms that surrounded the town. By 2009 horse ranches surrounded Aubrey. Around that time new houses were constructed in Aubrey, replacing the grounds of the old peanut farms.

Aubrey Public Schools

Aubrey Independent School District is a public school district based in Aubrey, Texas (USA). In addition to Aubrey, the district also serves the city of Krugerville and a portion of Cross Roads. The district operates one high school, Aubrey High School.

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