Whether buying or selling a home, a real estate agent is a definite plus. These hard working men and
women are familiar with all of the ins and outs of buying and selling; whereas, a buyer/ seller is probably
experiencing a once in a life time event.
The ordinary person doesn’t know all of the rules and regulations about buying and selling real estate. Who wants to attend special classes and workshops to sell or buy a home when it is simpler to hire someone who has made real estate a career? Remember, the real estate agent is a professional who has been schooled and tested in his field. By hiring a real estate agent, the buyer/seller assures himself that he has hired a person with education and experience in the real estate field.
The agent acts as a guide in the pricing of the property. He is familiar with the market for property and able to assess realistic expectations for both the buyer and the seller. The agent does not select the prices but guides the decision making process of setting prices. He will supply data based on market supply and demand and conditions that allow the seller to make the best decision. He works as a negotiation strategist.
Because the agent is familiar with market conditions, he is able to assess selling or buying. In doing so, he will provide data that will affect the buying/selling market. This data will include median and average sales prices, price per square foot, and average length of time a property may be listed. All of these factors will have a huge impact on the buying/selling process. Real estate agents work together through a huge network of other professionals. This is known as professional networking. He possesses intimate knowledge of the real estate in your area and can identify comparable sales and facts.
A good agent negotiates terms an contracts for buyers/sellers. Since they are not caught up emotionally in the transactions, they are able to assess both parties and help them arrive at the best decision for each. He is not a messenger but a professional who will present his client fairly and in a good light. This agent keeps all of the client’s information confidential and away from competing interest.
Now, for the very best reason for hiring a competent real estate agent – he handles all of the paperwork. There are literally volumes of it! Did you know that until the early 1970’s only one-page deposit receipts were required? Today a purchase agreement is likely to consist of 10 pages or more. And that doesn’t include the federal/state mandated disclosures. The buyer/seller doesn’t do any of that work. It is all done by the real estate agent.
A good real estate agent doesn’t disappear after all transactions are finished but remains available to answer any questions or difficulties they may occur. He will be there to assist the buyer/seller or just answer questions.

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